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Luis D. Torres, PhD.

Luis D. Torres, PhD.

Associate Professor and Director of the Executive MBA Programme at the Nottingham University Business School in the UK, Scientific Director at 3DI: Data Driven Discovery Initiative, Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, and  Associate Director in ESG and Impact for Sustaina Value in Chile.


ana Hi there and welcome, I am Luis.

My research and professional practice have focused on the governance, risk, and compliance aspects of work and responsible business. Key themes in my research are corporate social responsibility, labour inequalities, and regulatory compliance. My latest research projects have focused on decarbonisation through the identification of organisational enablers for architectural glass circularity, and on ‘just transition’ through the study of labour inequalities and underemployment.

I am looking to engage with professionals and organisations looking at integrating sustainable business strategies as well as leveraging data analytics applications to achieve greater sustainability. 

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Luis D. Torres