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Luis D. Torres, PhD.

Luis D. Torres, PhD.

Associate Professor and Director of Executive Education at the Nottingham University Business School in the UK, Fellow of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, and  Co-Founder of Sustaina Value in Chile.


Hi there and welcome, I am Luis.

I have worked for over 15 years for organisations in Chile, Spain, China, and the UK. I have led client-focussed management consulting and learning solutions for public and private sector organisations in several industries including manufacturing, finance, logistics, energy, agriculture, and retail, among others. I have designed and delivered executive education programmes for middle and top management teams including the C-Suite and the Board of Directors of large and medium-sized companies.

I have also led consultancy projects in different areas including strategic management; business and human rights; diversity management; corporate governance; and corporate sustainability reporting external assurance.

I am looking to engage with professionals and organisations looking at promoting responsible business conduct through governance, risk and compliance research, insights and analytics..

Let’s be in touch.

Luis D. Torres